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 A very durable stone with a natural, untamed beauty, slate is highly recommended for bathroom and flooring applications. It is easy to clean, and with a little maintenance you can make it almost completely impervious to stains. Slate is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There are multicolored slates which have two or more hues, warring with one another in landscape formations across the surface of the tiles. These stones are one of a kind and the formations in every tile’s surface are different from every other. Slate also has a rough texture, making even honed slate non slippery. 

Used in showers, it demands a bit more maintenance than other products like porcelain or ceramic tiles, but many homeowners still opt to use slate because of its uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. Because it is not a man-made product each tile may have a slight variation in depth, width, and height. It is possible to purchased a gauged slate which will help with these variances.

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Deborah Faulkner-Jones

Textures & Finishes

Stones can have many different kinds of textures and finishes. One rough, natural texture that quickly comes to mind is clefted which can be found on most slates.

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Bathroom Tile Patterns

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